Permits are REQUIRED for overnight stays on Lower and Middle Saranac Lakes. The maximum group size for Middle Saranac Lake and Lower Saranac Lake campsites is 6.  If your trek has more than 6 members you will need two sites to accommodate you and appropriate leadership to enable the group to split into two.  Reservations for these sites are made through  Each trek is responsible for reserving its own sites on these lakes.

There are a two (2) Group Campsites on Middle Saranac Lake that can accommodate up to 12 people; they are campsite numbers 65 and 71 (Shaw Island).  They cost $18 per night with a $2.75 registration fee (one time).  As interest exists, they are reserved by lottery on the first work day of April, but there are usually openings during the weekday.  Contact Gary Levesque of the NYSDEC Department of Operations, Summer Recreation, at 518-897-1308 (direct line), or the office at 518-897-1310 to check availability for a given date(s); then e-mail to reserve the site you want on the given date(s).  Payment is made after reservations are made.

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